Who We Are And What We Do

Web King Services was established by Mr. Priyank Tiwari in 2013. We are registered as exporter of these services with the Govt of India.
We are a web based IT services company delighting our existing and future clients from the continent of Australia.
We do any service that relates to Information and Technology on the INTERNET. We keep it simple, make it simple, deliver it simple because all of us believe that simple is the best and all we have to do by providing any service is to make anything simple.

Welcome to the world of Web King Services:

I am Priyank Tiwari the Founder of this company located at Shastri Nagar, New Delhi; we are registered as an exporter of these services.

Currently we are providing the following services and expanding our reach of them.

  • Website Set Ups. (Simple, dynamic, E commerce, a fully grown up data management or facilitating websites etc.)
  • Website Maintenance (All technologies that we provide.)
  • Business Marketing Services (It’s our best and biggest service of late and we are rapidly making progress on it, it is always for a minimum of 12 months.)
  • Website Promotion for organic rankings on Google. (Any country.)
  • Business Content Writing
  • Image Editing Services for E commerce website like Amazon, E Bay etc.
  • Animation Services (All kinds.)

The top of all is our Business Support Product which offers the first four (Website Set Ups, Website Maintenance, Business Marketing Services & Website Promotion for organic rankings on Google) of the listed services above in a package for a minimum period of 12 months.

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First Contact

To hire our services, you would have to make the first contact, otherwise, we would never know you need our help. We offer services account management, promotion, branding, and more with a comprehensive approach towards helping you achieve your goals. If you live close enough, we can have in-person meetings or you can contact us through phone or other digital means.

Discussion & Planning

Next step is to discussion and planning between client and our team of professionals. It is done so that we can understand the client and their expectations and plan accordingly. It will help us to be better equipped in meeting the clients’ needs and preferences and in removing any kind of confusions. In addition, it would also help in accomplishing more work in less time and less cost.
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Final Strategy

Once we have thoroughly discussed everything with the client and have prepared a draft for things that could be done for attaining client’s objectives and expectations, next step would be to develop a final strategy that would contain a more specific strategy on how to serve our clients’ purpose. It will give us a clear idea of how much work needs to be done, how it is to be done, and how long will it take to deliver successful results.


When the final strategy has been prepared, then it would be the time to implement it meticulously and successfully. This is where the real action takes place in the whole process since the tactics in the final strategy will be transformed into actual performance and results. This is the stage where our experienced team will put their highest efforts to ensure the attainment of objectives, and the success of the clients’ expectations.


Our job will not end with the implementation. After implementation of the finals strategy, we will be monitoring and evaluating the process as a whole to ensure that everything is going as planned and that your expectations are being met with successful results. If we find anything lacking, we will take immediate steps to make things right and functioning properly.


Individual Approach

We here at Web king Services believe that customer and customer satisfaction must be the focal point of everything we do. We understand that every client is important and we ensure that we take every client’s perspective into consideration and help them accordingly. We strive to be client-centric by delivering specialized solutions for every client based on their specific requirements.

Modern Technologies

The digital world and its tools are on their peak point now and are growing with the word go. With modern and more efficient tools and technologies such as PHP, SQL, and MySQL allowing our clients to enjoy the modern technology based digital services in a faster and more versatile manner and with increased efficiency and cost savings.

Complex Solutions

We work to find the best solutions and help our clients on every step of the way. Combined with our unsurpassed specialization and concentration in detailed digital activities with a tactical, distinguished approach, we are very much capable of meeting your most complex needs and give you the relevant solutions compatible with fast-paced and continuously changing digital scene.